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Walker size

A small walker in the shadow of a much larger walker

Traverse the world on wooden wind-powered, walking machines. Walkers can be adapted for travel, transportation, harvesting, combat, or used as mobile bases. A multitude of structures, attachments and upgrades allow players to personalize Walkers to their needs.

Types of walkers[]

Walkers can be adapted for travel, transportation, harvesting, combat, and are used as mobile bases due to nomads' way of life. Tier 1 (T1) walkers require fragments to unlock. Tier 2 (T2) walkers require tablets; tablets have two methods of being created on Hard maps. The safer is through the use of 100 Fragments and 400 Torque using a ruin Ancient Fabricator, the more dangerous and more likely to be raided is through use of a maximum of 400 fragments and 1,000 torque using a large Ancient Fabricator at a point of interest. There are currently 23 walkers in game. They are:

  • Firefly Walker A pedal/wing-powered walker that nomads build when they want to begin their journey. T1.
  • Spider Walker ATV-like walker primarily used in dirt terrain. These can climb steep cliffs and rely heavily on player stamina. (Best for solo players/Traders to evade pirates) T1.
  • Spider with Ballista Has a 2nd Seat with a rear-facing Ballista. T1.
  • Dinghy Walker This walker has ample deck space for two Nomads. Popular ship upgrade built following the firefly. T1.
  • Raptor Sky Walker Allow to soar in the sky like a leaf on the wind using torque for flapping its wings. T2.
  • Mollusk Walker It is a small walker with an enclosed space. It allows the player to place down crafting stations and containers, the player can even steer it from inside, at the cost of reduced visibility. T1
  • Stiletto Walker Ideal for nomads who prefer to travel alone or in small groups. T1.
  • Toboggan Walker The standard merchant's vessel built for outrunning pirates and getting the goods where they need to go. T1.
  • Buffalo Walker The ample deck space, and good maneuverability make it suited for almost any task. T2.
  • Hornet Walker Devised by worm hunters who needed a sturdy walker with a low center of mass so they would not be toppled over, and a high top speed to outrun the giant beasts. T2.
  • Falco Walker It's streamlined shape is built for speed, making it a favorite among pirates. T2.
  • Schmetterling Walker A mobile home that an entire family could live on while chasing after the temperate climate. T2.
  • Tusker Walker (Cargo) A juggernaut when it comes to hauling space, and is primarily used by rich traders that need to transport tons of valuable goods. T2.
  • Titan Walker Dozens of large weapons can be stationed on it, but without a crew it's not very defensible. T2.
  • Domus Walker (House) Heavily protected with strong walls all around, Domus Walker are often used to safely transport large numbers of nomads. T2.
  • Proxy Walker (Claim)The proxy walker is designed to establish a protectorate over an oasis by deploying into an unmovable claim. T2.
  • Cobra Walker A specialized walker that serves as a mobile defense tower.
  • Camelop Walker A specialized walker able to pump water and lava out of lakes.
  • Panda Walker A specialized walker able to carry multiple other walkers in it's hull.
  • Hercul Walker a specialized walker designed to generate torque from using lava to heat water.


Walkers move using a system of rotations which move their joints in a manner that imitates walking. Upgrades are available through the storage of your walker.

Siege Damage to Cargo Hold[]

All walkers have a cargo hold which can't be damaged via common tools and weapons. To open a walker's cargo hold you must damage its main body to half health, fire bolts are the first weapons that can deal this type of damage. Most of the walkers' body are Robust , requiring Fire Bolts to damage them. Shooting the walkers body with a ballista loaded with this ammo and waiting for the damage to tick is the most efficient way. Once the body is at half health an option to drop the cargo pack is unlocked. Be careful to make sure those who own the walker don’t empty it before you get it open!

  • Beware, if someone damages your walker enough to open the cargo (beyond halfway), they CAN unpack your base!

Walker addons/modifications[]

Each type of walkers come with craftable upgrades that augment the functionality of each walker. Walker modules are also found in the world to boost certain parts of the walkers. Walker Quality (crafted by quality materials) expands the number of stackable modules you can place in the walker. Level 10 quality walkers enables 2 different types of stackable modules.

  • Upgrades (Craftables, inside the walker) (eg. Bone upgrades, Ceramic upgrades, etc.)
  • Modules in the corresponding module slot.
  • Levels , what you can buy after pressing "P" (by default) and navigating to the other tab, aside from Stats. After buying the levels for your walker type, you need to craft it or build a new one. You can use the scroll wheel menu on your walker and you will see the "Upgrade walker" option.
  • Building walkers from quality materials: Using quality material on the hull of the walker increase the module slot stack space by 1 per level plus the walker level in bought from the character menu. Quality materials do not affect walker hull, leg or sail HP. Upgrades (e.g. wood, bone, ceramic upgrades) do not affect stats when using quality materials.


  • Walkers are similar to real-life Strandbeest, wind-powered PVC movement machines.

Walker Comparisons[]

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