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Disambig.png This article is about Personal Weapons. For Walker and Base Weapons, see Mounted Weapons.
Disambig.png This article is about Personal Weapons. For Tools, see Tools.

A few melee weapons

There are a variety of personal weapons available in Last Oasis, ranging from one-handed axes and swords to two-handed mauls. All tools also have damage associated with them, thus they have been included here, for more harvesting information visit the Tools page.

One Handed[]

Blunt Weapons
Beat Stick icon.png

Beat Stick

Jaggertooth Club icon.png

Jaggertooth Club

Rawbone Club icon.png

Rawbone Club

Spikebone Club icon.png

Spikebone Club

Short Ceramic Hoofmace.png

Short Ceramic Hoofmace

Wyndan Hammer.png

Wyndan Hammer

Nibiran Hammer.png

Nibiran Hammer

Axe Weapons
Woodcutter's Hatchet icon.png

Woodcutter's Hatchet

Rawbone Hand Axe icon.png

Rawbone Hand Axe

Heavy Rawbone Hand Axe icon.png

Heavy Rawbone Hand Axe

Advanced Hatchet icon.png

Advanced Hatchet

Bouldercut Hand Axe.png

Bouldercut Hand Axe

Nibiran Hand Axe.png

Nibiran Hand Axe

Sword Weapons
Bonespike Sword icon.png

Bonespike Sword

Short Malletblade icon.png

Short Malletblade

Wyndan Sabre icon.png

Wyndan Sabre

Nibiran Curved Dagger icon.png

Nibiran Curved Dagger

Two Handed[]

Two Handed (temporary)[]


Weapon Comparisons[]

Link to Weapon Comparisons

Personal Weapons

Personal Weapons – weapons held by a nomad

One-handed weapons
Nibiran Hammer.pngMace one-handed weapon Nibiran Hand Axe.pngAxe one-handed weapon Nibiran Curved Dagger icon.pngSword one-handed weapon
Two-handed weapons
Nibiran Warhammer icon.pngMace two-handed weapon Nibiran Battle Axe icon.pngAxe two-handed weapon Nibiran Decapitator icon.pngSword two-handed weapon Nibiran Quarterstaff icon.pngStaff two-handed weapon