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This is a quick start guide to help edit the Last Oasis Wiki.

General Style[edit source]

This section will be updated with more info as the style becomes more clear

Generally, if you use the Page name in the text of the page, you should always use {{PAGENAME}} instead of typing out the page. For example, on this page {{PAGENAME}} is replaced with Start Editing.

First Reference[edit source]

Use ''' around the FIRST use of {{PAGENAME}} to make it bold.

Stub Template[edit source]

If a page has the {{stub}} template, which generates a box that shows a message saying this page could use more information, that {{stub}} should always be either at the very top of the page, or just below the Lede Text.

Lede Text[edit source]

The Lede Text of a page, is the first sentence of two that gives a very general, very quick summary of the page. It is always the first thing on a page. All {{stub}} templates should be right below it.

Forms[edit source]

Most of the items that are easily classed into groups, like Materials, Weapons, or Armor (among others) are created/edited using forms. These are the available forms.

Walker Part