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How To Obtain Fragments[]

There are multiple ways to obtain fragments and there are different types of fragments.


Woodworking Station
Amount: 50
Node: Fragment
Tree: Crafting
Woodworking Station icon.png
Shattered Fragment 1
Glass 1
Output: 1


How to make Fragment Tablets via the Ancient Fabricator

Ancient Fabricator menu to convert fragments into tablets. This particular one is one of the one-time use machines. Takes 100 fragments and 400 torque for a guaranteed tablet although you can risk going below the maximum.

  • Tablets are extremely vital to learning high tier recipes such as high tier Walkers, Weapons, Crafting Stations, and more!
  • Tablets can drop in 3 forms:
    • Celestial
    • Animal
    • Element
  • If a recipe requires 2 or more tablets to learn, identical tablets are required, for example, 100 celestial tablets are required to learn Titan Walker.
  • Cost 100 Fragment and 400 Torque for a guaranteed Tablet, can be crafted at Ancient Fabricator located on Hard maps.
  • Tablets can be bought from a Traveling Merchant for 1000 Flots
  • See Ancient Fabricator for further details around crafting.

Shattered Fragment[]

Fragment Use[]

  • Fragments are used to unlock new crafting recipes such as walkers, armor, weapons, tools, crafting stations, and upgrades.
  • You do not lose recipes you learn on death so it is wise to use fragments as you get them as to lessen the chance of losing them all to raiders.
  • Fragments can be sold at the trade station for a high amount of Flots (currency).