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Dinghy Walker
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Before the nomadic Flotillans had become aware of the route they needed to take to circumnavigate the planet efficiently, many of them died in the process of locating safe passage. These crudely constructed wind-powered walkers were first devised as scouting vessels because of their cheap cost and the high likelihood that a Nomad would not return. This walker has ample deck space with two Nomads.
Walker Body
Health 13500
Armor Reinforced
Wood 380
Fiber 245
Stone 100
Rupu Vine 10
Walker Legs
Health 5000
Armor Hard
Wood 76
Wood Shaft 10
Walker Stats
Carry weight 1380
Pack count 70
Tech Tree: Walkers
Node Dinghy Walker
Type Fragments
Cost 10
Needs Steering Levers No
Needs Vision Powder Yes


The Dinghy Walker is the second walker unlocked in the Tech Tree. It is also the second and last walker the Tutorial will instruct a nomad to create.

The Dinghy weighs 2,195KG by default.


This walker has 1 part that can be upgraded.


Base Stats[]

The Dinghy Walker has max weight of 1,280.

Water storage is divided into 3 parts of 40 Water for a total of 120.

Respawns max at 9 with full water.

Maximum Torque is 1200


Like all walkers, the Dinghy Walker has 4 tiers of upgrades that buff individual characteristics.

Upgrade Overview
Tier Cargo Water Hatch Armor Mobility Torque
1 (Default) 9 120 5 +1000 1.1 600
2 (Bone) 14 180 10 +2000 1.2 1200
3 (Ceramic) 18 300 15 +3000 1.35 1800
4 (Iron) 22 600 20 +4000 1.5 3000