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Advanced Furnace
Advanced Furnace icon.png
Advanced crafting station smelts raw ore into refined metal. Requires very high temperatures that can only be achieved on a moving walker.
Item Info
Type Furnace
Cost 25 Tablet
HP 5,000
Building Requirements

The Advanced Furnace is a crafting station found in the Crafting section of the Tech Tree.

Used to Craft[]


Unlocked in the Crafting section of the Tech Tree using 25 Tablets of any one type.


The Advance Furnace has two input locations which allows it to transform raw materials into advanced materials (partial loads are acceptable) which are needed for advanced recipes. The Advanced Furnace can craft all of the Furnace recipes using double the input for double the output, but the same crafting time (and fuel cost).

The Advanced Furnace has one fuel location which heats and transforms the raw materials into advanced materials. The fuel sources can be:

The Advanced Furnace has a lengthy smelting cycle, and like other features in the game has a two stage cycle. The first half of the smelting cycle is to raise the temperature in the furnace to the correct point. The second half of the smelting cycle will begin to consume the input material and start producing the corresponding output material. If the smelting cycle is interrupted, it must be started over from the beginning.